Purple Potato Chips Package


– suīpoteto organic purple core potato, salt, oil

Packing net weight:
-350 grams


Buy 15 packs or above 70g Free postage for West Malaysia Buy 7 packs or above 300g Purple Potato Chips Free postage for West Malaysia

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With four organic healthy natural sweet potatoes as our main products,This time, we have launched new products to let everyone enjoy our sweet potatoes in a different way

"Low Fat Purple Potato Chips"

Sweet potato is a favorite of many people, that is, sweet and filling;
Usually, everyone eats it steamed or cooked in an air fryer.
And this time launched the latest "low-fat purple potato chips",
Let everyone taste a different taste than usual! 😋

'"Low-fat purple potato chips" taste like potato chips,
Each slice has just the right thickness, the taste is good, the potato is crispy and delicious'


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10 packs, 15 packs, 5 packs, 3 packs, 7 packs


Big bag 300 grams, small bag 70 grams


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