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-Choose your favorite sweet potato
-We will match you as evenly as possible
- For the first time to buy, we recommend adding flavors

**If there is a sudden shortage of production of a certain type of sweet potato, we will automatically allocate other sweet potatoes for you
**If you insist on buying a certain sweet potato and are willing to wait, you can let us know when paying

* Buy more than 6kg sweet potato for free shipping in West Malaysia


Want to buy delicious sweet potatoes but imported sweet potatoes are very expensive?

Suīpoteto is a Japanese/Taiwanese sweet potato grown in Malaysia with years of planting technology, so the price is very favorable!

suīpoteto imported sweet potato seedlings from Japan/Taiwan, grown in Malaysia to produce high quality sweet potatoes, very sweet and completely free of fine roots, divided into three types:
✅Japanese organic chestnut potato: a strong recommendation for chestnut lovers, with a strong chestnut fragrance
✅Taiwan Organic Sweet Potatoes: A strong recommendation for sweetness, the sweetest among the three Taiwanese sweet potatoes
✅Taiwan Organic Purple Core Potato: A strong recommendation focusing on nutrition, because purple potato is rich in anthocyanins

The three types of sweet potatoes in suīpoteto are very suitable for steaming, roasting and boiling sugar water!

Eating sweet potatoes can effectively prevent sugar from turning into fat, which is conducive to weight loss and bodybuilding. Sweet potato contains a large amount of dietary fiber, which cannot be digested and absorbed in the intestines. It can stimulate the intestines, enhance peristalsis, and detoxify, especially for senile constipation.

Additional information


4.5kg, 6kg


3 flavors mix, chestnut potato, sweet potato, purple core potato, chestnut + purple potato, chestnut + red heart, red heart + purple potato


Small, medium, medium and small mix


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